From Briggs:

“Mask Madness – Our Latest Moral Panic”

“Three out of four Americans, including a majority of Republicans, favor requiring people to wear face coverings while outside their homes, a new poll finds, reflecting fresh alarm over spiking coronavirus cases and a growing embrace of government advice intended to safeguard public health.”

The only part of this that makes any sense is the “fresh alarm”, which is real. But caused entirely—and I mean entirely—by ignorance and politics.

The whole article is good. America has turned mask-wearing into the ultimate form of piety; a way to give the appearance of loving your neighbor without doing anything like loving our neighbors.

The real problem right now is the panic. Everyone is terrified out of their minds over a relatively mild pandemic. It’s so bad, an overwhelming number of Americans want to criminalize the act of not signalling virtue even when one doesn’t have symptoms.

I recommend reading the whole article.

For anyone with some grasp on reality, this alone should suffice as evidence against mandatory masks: