The real story is often not the headline. In the case of this story from the UK Daily Mail, the real story is the headline, but not in the way meant by the author:

Fears escalate that coronavirus could spread inside China’s Muslim ‘re-education’ camps as the country’s COVID-19 cases surge

Fears have arisen that a COVID-19 outbreak erupting China’s Xinjiang could infect millions of Uighur allegedly detained inside the region’s ‘re-education camps’ as the country is hit by a new spike of coronavirus cases. 

China Tuesday recorded 68 confirmed cases with the bulk of infections being found in Xinjiang where as many as three million people are believed to have been detained in vast internment camps.

The story isn’t that the Uighur’s might have a COVID-19 outbreak. The story is that the UK Daily Mail is more concerned with such an outbreak than the fact that MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN FORCED INTO CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Western news media is doing everything it can to cover up human rights abuses that eclipse anything the National Socialists in Germany ever did. And they do it without any apparent self-awareness.