What would a blog be without a recurring series? I’ve decided Saturday will feature images of thought-provoking (or merely provocative) essence.

As I’m of the nature to note such things, I will note that I don’t like bumper stickers, especially used as arguments. In light of that, don’t take any of these too seriously. However, my problem with bumper stickers is that they often compress bad ideas into slogans and mantras by discarding relevant context. “Coexist” is my favorite example; it compresses all of the major differences (including intrinsic and essential intolerance in some cases) between a bunch of religions into a progressive, postmodern feel-good word. Not very useful, except for those who don’t adhere to any of the religions upon which the word is being thrust. In the case of the following bits, I don’t think any of that is the case.

Anyway, onto the main event:


Man’s philosophy

I feel the same way

Mail-in Mischief

Protester Logic

The only way to grow the ranks

Everyone should have an alias

We are the “Don’t Kill Puppies” Super PAC

And he’s the nominee

“You only care about after the birth” says man who is fine with killing babies.

The real racism

Truth hurts

Is that you, Chris?

Fathers vs the Depraved

Be careful what you wish for

A very Soviet rebrand