Ever since the modern world abandoned Christianity as the default worldview, it has struggled to replace it. Every attempt has failed in various degrees, with those furthest at odds with Christianity being the most destructive. Feminism ranks high on destruction.

Feminism is not, as some believe, the view that men and women are of equal worth or stature before God. It isn’t even the view that women should be allowed to fill traditionally male roles (although it does transform that into a virtue). Feminism is the view that women are intrinsically superior to men in virtue, in worth, in ability, etc. Men are naturally bad and women naturally good.

Feminist ideology has infiltrated the church in a variety of ways. One clear example is the tendency to treat female attraction as a means of determining spirituality. If men are spiritual, the lie goes, they will naturally attract godly women. Women have higher (more pious) desires than men, who are base. A short walk down the romance novel aisle at a bookstore ought to be enough to banish this faulty idea.

Feminism is destructive in a variety of ways, but one profound symptom is the willing destruction of feminine beauty. Here’s an excellent series of examples, courtesy of the Had Enough Therapy? blog: