When political leaders across the country and even abroad all decided they wielded the power to temporarily abolish the rights of free citizens to travel, to assemble, and to trade in person, they set a precedent: in the event of a crisis, there are no rights; a crisis being at the discretion of political leaders.

This precedent inevitably led to mask mandates, extended and repeated lockdowns of entire economies, house arrest, and even church bans (though, in the spirit of true political hypocrisy, protests and violent riots for approved causes were not banned).

The fact is, when politicians taste tyranny, they lust for it like the One Ring. They must have it. It is precious to them. And so we see example after example of those leaders who succumbed to the temptation slowly giving into it more every day.

The latest example comes from Los Angeles, where the mayor has just declared that your ability to access water and power that YOU PAY FOR can be terminated at his discretion if you violate his dictates. From The Gateway Pundit:

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday went full Commie and authorized the city to shut off water and power to HOMES and businesses that are hosting large, unauthorized gatherings.

Garcetti previously threatened to cut off water and electricity to businesses that refused to shut down amid the Coronavirus panic.

Now he’s targeting people in their own homes!

The new level of tyranny will begin Friday night and LAPD will respond, then contact Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to cut it off, reported FOX LA reporter Bill Melugin.

Americans should always remember that their ancestors, possessing superior virtue, rebelled against a tyrant king in England over far lesser offenses. It isn’t clear to me if Americans today would rebel against anything, no matter how extreme. What is more clear is that American tyrants are as cruel and incompetent as their predecessors, but also have far greater arrogance. I hope their arrogance is exploited.