I found this short article/podcast full of aphorisms about freedom particularly good. I recommend listening to the whole thing.

I’ll only add one: Fear is slavery; consider who spreads fear, and fight them.

A few of my favorites from the post follow:

When Mammon is the master, the people are slaves. When liberty is master, then mammon is a servant.

Many ministers are refusing to lead their people in the ways of liberty because their mortgages are too big, their browser history too tawdry, and their wives too fearful.

Seminaries are the places where the preacher/slaves have the chains fitted so they don’t chafe too badly. The better seminaries use ankle bracelets that are only activated when certain subjects arise and get too close.

If you believe the experts when they tell you this is a deadly pandemic, do you also believe them when they say that a boy is a girl? That the weather is climate? That red ink is black ink? That healthy people are sick people? That slavery is liberty? Suddenly it all makes sense.

No modern Congress could have passed the Bill of Rights.

Wearing a mask is supposed to be a sign of love for neighbor. That must be why we have seen such a surge of snitching, snapping, and snarling.

There is not a major Christian conference platform today that Patrick Henry wouldn’t be hooted off.