What began as a Christian effort to help people in love has transformed into something almost the opposite.

Here is an account from a former social worker (emphasis mine):

The results of that transformation are visible today in every social service agency: A social worker who wants to continue working had better understand that he or she has to support all aspects of LGBT platforms, has to facilitate partial-birth abortions, and has to eliminate any and all references to God — no matter what he or she believes. Alternative therapies are acceptable so long as they are goddess-driven and support mandatory vaccination. All therapies have to pass their “ethical” (i.e. political) means testing… and they all revolve around the exaltation of the Self, even when that “self” has the emotional stability of packing peanuts.

The breakdown started with Engel v. Vitale ’62 (370 U.S. 421) when God was ejected from the public square, specifically schools. And then, after that, men were ejected from the household in the welfare laws of the 60s.

Families soon became a form of interpretive art: one day you’re there, then you’re not. Roles became fluid and this fluidity was embraced with both arms of modern media. Then in 1973 (410 U.S. 113) a form of eugenics emerged: abortion on demand. And in the 80s transgenders were officially recognized and allowed (subsidized by federal and insurance monies) to undergo sex-change surgery.

Yet, the more we were allowed to do, the less responsibility we took for doing it, and the more miserable we were. Someone had to pay, but it wouldn’t be us! With the man ousted and God gone, a vacuum of mythic proportions was left in its place. Something had to fill it.

The State was happy to insinuate itself as the new Pater Noster.

The bottom line: in the modern social-work paradigm, there is nothing to believe in or hold onto besides your Self, there are no prohibitions and no judgments besides those unfairly imposed upon you by white males the world over. There is also no real experience, no real love and finally, no real other.

And there we are… alone, on the emotional dole, unsure of who we are, broken, and without hope.

If you want the sort of society that goes from feudalism to the space age in 300 years, that goes from 99% of people in destitute poverty as subsistence farmers to the bottom 20% being among the wealthiest people in the world, you want Western civilization. But Western civilization is not neutral; it requires particular economic, religious, philosophical, and political commitments.

Part of that commitment is that God exists, that He has ordered the world, that we have natural rights and responsibilities by virtue of our nature as created by God, and that we find our most basic identity in our families, our churches, and our nations, rather than as mere individuals or as mere laborers.

This order began to rot from the inside during the end of the 18th century, particularly during the French Revolution. It has steadily been eroded so that the facade finally fell in the 20th century.

We have replaced family with state, church with state, and nation with state (this last bit meaning that instead of being patriots fighting for our home, we are mere servants of the state). What I mean is that in all areas of life, we are mere individuals and laborers who serve the state, which serves as a surrogate father and God. The state says we define our own goodness and this has led to the psychological sciences deteriorating into a worthless relativism that can’t heal anyone because it rejects the reality of true mental and spiritual illness.

We haven’t replaced religion, as atheists may suggest. We have merely made a new, false, and evil god.

The result is that people who need help can’t get it because offering it is heresy. Social work has gone from helping those who need it to ensuring a steady supply of human debris by not helping anyone and encouraging the very things that damage people’s minds and souls. It’s not just pursuit of money here, though that’s a convenient dodge to blame something else. The problem is that the academy, particularly in the areas of the humanities and the soft sciences, is committed to a false religion, and is extremely legalistic in its enforcement of dogma.

Not being an expert myself, I don’t have advice for individual social workers except to find a way to undermine the evil they find themselves compelled to spread. Subverting evil fulfills our obligation to be as shrewd as serpents.

But broadly, one way to avoid all of this is to build strong families. The stronger and bigger the families and the less reliant on the state, the less influence this false religion can exert. Another way is to form strong churches that resist the false religion. Churches must absolutely do more than have fluffy sermons and feel-good Sunday school. They need to inoculate against the false religion of progressive liberalism and relativism today. They need to speak on the intrinsic goodness of free markets in raising the poor out of poverty. They need to speak against the evils of relativism and self-worship. They need to teach apologetics and analytic philosophy. The leaders need to immerse themselves in the powerful writings of Christians from times of similar strife (the precursors to the American Revolution are an excellent start; we ought to hide in shame at our comparative biblical illiteracy).

Christians can’t afford anti-intellectualism any longer.