When Google shut down their Reader application years ago, I switched quickly to Feedly. I follow dozens of websites and it’s the only way to keep on top of things.

Unfortunately, the staff at Feedly have gone woke and their algorithms are no longer trustworthy. Note that “Leo” is the name they’ve given their algorithm for detecting patterns in news.

From their website:

In the wake of recent acts of extreme brutality and injustice and mass protests, we’re examining our role in perpetuating systems of inequality. We are responsible for our impact as a tech company, as a news reader, and, acutely, as a developer of machine learning algorithms for Leo, your AI research assistant. 

This was already a red flag. I don’t really want my news aggregator to change their algorithm on the basis of hand-picked news stories brought to the forefront of our cultural civil war because ideologues find them useful. But it gets worse:

For the topic “leadership,” Leo might pick out themes like strong management skills and building a supportive team culture. However, if more articles about male leaders than female are published or added to the training set, Leo might also learn that being male is a quality of leadership. 

The staff at Feedly (think they) know that the ideology of radical egalitarianism is true, so any data that contradicts this ideological commitment is forced out by their algorithm.

And yet somehow, it gets even worse than that:

Leo will be looking for thousands of related keywords, including representation, inclusion, bias, discrimination, equal rights, and intersectionality.

Intersectionality, for those who aren’t familiar, is part of a religious framework that opposes Christianity and mostly based on the work of Karl Marx. The irony that Feedly is actively biasing results and discriminating against some patterns if it doesn’t fit their ideological views is lost on them, as those who are committed to Karl Marx and his wicked philosophy often have a poor grasp on self-awareness.

Suffice to say, as much as I’ve liked Feedly, it’s time to move on. I recommend everyone else do the same. I’m looking for an alternative news aggregator so let me know if you have a recommendation, but if I don’t find one I may just write my own.