I mean the term “end” in the classical sense here, as I don’t think Facebook will go bankrupt and disappear anytime soon, much as I hope it does.

The end of Facebook – the purpose for which it has existed for years – has been to sell personal information to companies. It likely began as something more benign. The best I can gather is that it was a more rigid MySpace, where users were prevented from changing the appearance of their pages. Large technology companies love the idea that they alone know best, and so it naturally followed that they alone knew the best way for everyone to arrange their corner’s of the internet.

It didn’t take long for Facebook to need more money, however, and so for years the company has just taken the information people voluntarily submit – for free – and sell it to companies.

The purpose of the company has shifted in the past few years. After deciding it would “fact-check” stories, and after hiring an army of radical leftists (a sin many large companies commit), they have shifted to the role that legacy media companies like news channels have long held: manipulating public opinion, generally to the left.

The tweet above is the latest and most blatant in a long series of manipulative “fact-checking”.

Since the end of Facebook is to manipulate people into moving further to the left, why use Facebook? Get a blog. Get an account on a rival’s platform. Whatever you do, have an alternative, and do as much as you can apart from Facebook. As Paul the Apostle said Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” Bad companies, too.