There are many reasons not to own a set of encyclopedias. They are expensive, bulky, and need updates every year.

One feature they have which was not by design, but which we can be thankful for, is that they cannot be edited at a moment as if to change reality.

For example, the Wikipedia article for “86” changed as soon as Michigan’s governor was found to have the expression “86 45” on her desk. The term can refer to murder, and while one might speculate if that was the governor’s intent (i.e. she wants Trump to die), the editors at Wikipedia took no chances. They removed “kill” from the definition, labeling the change a “spelling correction” and locking the article until January 21. You know, the day after inauguration.

The editors on Wikipedia, possessing enough time to qualify for such a role, are radical leftists, and they’ve begun purging their ranks of anyone deemed insufficiently Woke. Anyone who believes “marriage” means what “marriage” has meant since time immemorial until 2015 is banned from expressing the view in any way. The article notes that, in the words of one of the founders of Wikipedia, the sites neutral point of view is dead.

Maybe having a physical set of encyclopedias, printed before the Woke era when cultural Marxists began rewriting history with dystopian zeal, is a wise idea after all.