Men are made for worship. We are designed to worship God, but when we abandon God, as America has, we find vastly inferior substitutes. This year, a new religion formed. Or, more accurately, a new heresy developed.

In the West, since the advent of Christ, all false religions have been perversions of Christianity, and they are seldom innovative. The Christian heresy of Gnosticism has come and gone throughout the centuries. So-called “transgenderism” is a modern variant. These heresies always have similar forms to Christianity, which makes sense given their pedigree.

One heresy throughout the centuries has involved taking Christian forms and infusing them with pagan creation-worship. A modern version of this heresy is the Climate Change Cult with which we are all familiar. There are doomsday prophets (typically celebrities), a coming eschaton, and a time of repentance before the end. There are sins (like eating meat) and even tithes, or more accurately, indulgences (carbon credits). This cult has long tried to convert the world, but they’ve been too obvious. They started their hysterics during a time when more grounded men could reject them, and so they carry a long history of failed prophecy, like other heresies. These failed prophecies prevent anyone from taking them too seriously.

A new flavor of the Climate Change Cult appeared this year: the Covid Cult, or as I prefer, Branch Covidianism (or B.C. for short). The Branch Covidians sometimes openly express their connection to the Climate Change Cult (blaming the advent of the coronavirus on “climate change”, sans evidence, as climate change claims almost always are), but there is a distinct difference. Unlike the Climate Change Cult, the Branch Covidians have actually converted a large part of the world.

B.C. teaches that the fear of the coronavirus is the beginning of wisdom. Like the Climate Change Cult, B.C. is a religion of works-based righteousness. It teaches that there is an apocalypse held at bay by the good works of those who belong to the body of believers. The High Priests of Covid (politicians and their cherry-picked public health experts) give the believers rules to follow to keep themselves pure. Some are ceremonial, like wearing masks on Zoom conferences. Others, when violated, are morally wrong. Contradicting the priests is heresy. Contradicting their orders is sin. Sin causes the virus to spread. Those who are religiously pure cannot spread the virus.

The god of B.C. is jealous, and so any holiday given to other causes must be made subject to the High Priests. All traditions must be sacrificed. B.C. is really big on sacrifice, and the god of B.C. is pleased by the aroma. Sacrifice your job, your social life, your mental and physical health, your family, and especially your children, and the god of Rona will smile upon you, and bless you, and keep you. Were it not for the sinners who dare challenge the High Priests, we’d already be in paradise. You don’t want to be a sinner.

The church of B.C. twists the two greatest commandments. The greatest commandment becomes “fear the coronavirus with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength”. The second greatest commandment retains the form “love your neighbor as yourself”, but is mutilated to have a new meaning, that being that the only way to love your neighbor is to submit to the High Priests of B.C. Those sinners who reject the priests don’t love their neighbors. They stand condemned.

This new religion has infected the minds of millions. They will hate you if you don’t share their fear. They will condemn you as reprobate if you don’t have any works of righteousness. And, most importantly, the spread of the coronavirus is blamed entirely on those who do not submit to B.C. It is not to be blamed on the fact that the coronavirus is a contagious upper-respiratory virus that is endemic now, meaning it is everywhere in the world. No, it’s ritual impurity and sin that causes it to spread. This makes human beings the enemy, rather than the virus, and it insulates public health experts and politicians from any blame; after all, if we only followed them, the world would be saved. But the world is not saved, because we have disobeyed.

For those who aren’t Christians, the reality of Covid as Religion needs to be made obvious. I suspect at least a large minority of people who are part of this new cult would abandon it if they saw what it really was.

For those who are Christians, they need to repent.