An excellent thread from the master of Lutheran Satire.

His follow-up is also good.

There will always be an unwritten constitution that supersedes any written law, no matter how much people claim to venerate it. This unwritten constitution is the dominant philosophy of the people. While it can be forced to change, it takes time. The Left learned that through repeated bouts of slow boil and shock-and-awe cycles (think slowly filling HR departments with sexual revolutionaries and then suddenly getting orientation added to the list of protected classes). They’ve spent years on this, while the Right stood around and pretended everything was fine. They bought the core lie: that the public square is neutral. The Left never believed it, but they got the fools on the Right to believe it from the start. It was then just a matter of time before the Left made their own hideous, inhuman, ungodly, hellish worldview the new “neutral”.

I seldom refer to myself as a conservative these days, even as I admire the original conservatives like Edmund Burke. Conservatism is thoroughly Christian, but it isn’t Christianity, and so it can be broken. The philosophies of Hegel and Marx and the acid of postmodernism, coupled with the total mediocrity that our abundant civilization has produced, has found a system that undermines conservative thought at its strongest by using it against itself.

What we need isn’t another “neutral” public square. We need Christianity.