Several months back I began following James Lindsay, author of Cynical Theories, on Twitter. He is a liberal who strongly opposes Marxism and its branches, and he has put together a strong case not just against the evil philosophies of postmodernism and critical theory, but of their corruption of science – particularly the soft sciences – such that entire disciplines are now suspect.

Unfortunately, as a liberal, he is committed to the values of the enlightenment and early modernism. It isn’t so much that everything about the enlightenment was wrong, but the core principles are doomed to end the same way. He’s further back, and so closer to a Christian worldview, but when I pointed out how his liberalism itself contains the seeds of the very corruption he fights against, he blocked me. It was unfortunate; I enjoyed much of what he wrote. At the same time, he mocks Christians and the idea that we need a Christian society to solve the problems he has found.

The end, the ultimate end, of liberalism is not critical theory or any other variation. The end is death. The enlightenment is a rebellion against Christian civilization. It steals what it can from what it opposes, and while Christian civilization was still strong, it could prophecy a glorious future for man. But now, living on the leftover fumes, the truth has never been more clear.

This article from the abominable Vogue is just one minor example, but it represents the end well enough.

This is a religion of death.