On Memorial Day we remember the sacrifice of a million men who died to protect our liberty; liberty that once meant the freedom to do what is *right* without restraint. That’s what *rights* were understood to be for centuries.

In June, our corporate and government overlords compel us to support the official cult of America: the celebration of pride in the slavery of sin, and not just any sin, but sin so debased that the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans describes it as its own form of punishment. All sins separate us from God, but the law makes it clear not all sins are equal.

American Christians treat harshness directed at these sorts of sins as worse than the sins themselves; I’ve seen Christians get outraged at mean words who never seem to be even concerned about the debased actions and lifestyles the mean words were directed at. I’ve seen pastors condemn slurs against people who brag about sodomy but never condemn the act that would have resulted in stoning under the law.

Pride in sin isn’t liberating. Sin is slavery, and not just any kind of slavery. Sin is slavery to death. The chains weigh us down to destruction. I’ve spoken with men and women who have come out of the LGBT movement, and their stories are horrific. Even the bright colors are just a (deliberate) insult directed at God. This failure of the American church to deal with things directly and plainly has led to millions of victims of abuse, mostly children.

There’s hope for people in chains, but the hope isn’t going to be found in affirmation. It isn’t going to be found in companies firing people because they won’t use the wrong pronouns to refer to someone. And it isn’t going to come from a month of celebrating those chains.

Christians can’t offer this hope if they see rainbows instead of chains.