It’s common among anti-leftists to be dour and depressed about every piece of news. If something bad happens, it’s inevitable. If something good happens, there’s an ulterior motive or the good thing will be eclipsed.

The latest example of this I’ve seen is with the election fraud investigations occurring in the states that Biden won the election through fraud. The response on the left is outrage and hostility, so the right should view this as a legitimate threat to leftist hegemony. Instead, the response has been despair. “This won’t change anything” and “what a waste of time” and “too little too late” and “what’s the point?”.

The left doesn’t have this pessimism, at least not publicly, but the left encourages this sort of thinking on the right, and the right buys into it completely.

It’s an ideological lie straight from hell to say that we can remake the world however we like, but it’s entirely consistent with Christianity and Western civilization to say that we can make the world better in an objective sense. Christianity did that to a pagan world, and we can do it to ours, but it can’t be done if we are hopeless.

Hope is a virtue for a reason. If we are hopeful, we will shrug off defeats and rally around victories. There’s no virtue in being a pessimist.

There’s a related vice here that I may develop my thoughts on in the future: the unforgiving intolerance of any mistakes. The Woke cult is well-known for destroying anyone they deem an enemy for even the most trivial violations of their orthodoxy, but the right has a variant of this problem, too. When heroes on the right do stupid things they are abandoned. There’s a desire for absolute purity that keeps the right permanently fractured and unable to respond to a surprisingly united left.

That’s not to say we should ignore stupid behavior or mistakes or error, but that we shouldn’t treat condemnation of those things as the ultimate end. If you invest enough trust in someone that a single mistake or a single deviation from your views makes you regret ever supporting them, this is merely another symptom of that ungodly pessimism that keeps you permanently ineffective.