I left this as a comment on the Free Speech platform Gab. It was just long enough and I liked it just well enough to preserve it here:

The right has always had a weakness in trying to attribute to agency and malice what is actually caused by incompetence.

The right sees a conspiracy unfolding with perfection; each bit of news, seemingly good or bad, is part of the master plan.

In reality, the aristocracy has been corrupt for generations and lacks both virtue and talent. They rely as much on the right’s fear that things are proceeding as planned as they do on luck and violence.

They have no great plan. They have a declining hold on power none of them earned and every new event surprises them as much as anyone else.

Their censorship is absolutely a sign of weakness. Strong aristocracies don’t censor; they don’t have to. Their election fraud is a sign of weakness; they aren’t confident. Their attempts to rig the game is a sign of weakness. Their attempt to kick people out of the economy is a sign of weakness.