I don’t use the term “gaslight” very often because I find that using a word too much drains its meaning. However, there’s no other word to describe this:

Nate Silver, America’s most overrated pollster, is here demonstrating two of the key pillars of our very own profoundly stupid times.

First, he is attempting to find the middle way between utter insanity (that the past two years were about an insane, flesh-eating death virus from hell that would kill everyone if we dared to adjust our masks) and truth (it’s a new cold virus and any reaction was an overreaction). I have no clever term for this, but whatever we call it, it’s a relative to the “conservative” tendency to “conserve” leftist dogma from five years before the present moment. The result is taking a position that neither holds the rhetorical force of lunatic zealotry nor the intrinsic power of being grounded on truth. The real “strategy” is to stop talking about the cold virus. To care at all at this point is delusional.

Second, and the reason for this post, is the attempt to gaslight, and the gaslighting appears in both Mr. Silver’s response and his target. The “real problem” is individualism*? We are too “selfish”?

In the past two years, Americans have:

  1. Gone from never wearing masks to wearing them with religious zeal. This was true of nearly the whole population for six months, even after being told not to at first.
  2. Willingly let their tax dollars fund closed schools that deprived tens of millions of children a basic education**.
  3. Cancelled plans, vacations, holidays, etc for almost two years.
  4. Adopted stupid and false but “Expert”-approved myths like “social distancing” and “six feet apart” and “masked while walking to your table” and “negative test or vaccinated” into their collective conscience.
  5. Spent weeks “locked down” during the opening days of The Great Hysteria, a period which our better descendants will describe as a crime against humanity.
  6. Avoided hospitals so much for so long that preventable illness is surging across the country.

All of this, and yet we’re “drunk on individualism” and we “need to accept those constraints”. You and I have both witnessed one of the most insane collective delusions in human history and the complete subservience that all but abolished any individual identity whatsoever – to the point that the communist scum at the World Economic Forum thought it was a breakthrough for their demonic cause – that akshually, Americans are too individualishtik.

If gaslighting refers to something real, this is it.

* America does have a problem with radical individualism in one sense: we see ourselves outside of our families and churches, when we really belong to both. These guys don’t mean that though. They mean America isn’t communist and they don’t like it.

** I don’t see closed schools as an unmitigated evil. Much good came from this, including the war against CRT and other Woke occultism. But still, many children were harmed by what happened.