Two Tales of Softness

Last week, Dave Rubin, a “gay conservative”, announced that he and his “husband” were going to rent the wombs of women to obtain children intentionally designed to grow up without mothers and in the home of a relationship that God calls abominable. Christians and conservatives, from Prager’s organization to BlazeTV and beyond all praised this event and condemned as bigots those among their ranks who clearly articulated opposition.

This week, the Babylon Bee was deplatformed on Twitter because they mocked the establishment class by call Mr. Levine, a man who dresses as a woman and is a member of our national government, “Man of the Year”. Adam Ford, founder of the Babylon Bee, was subsequently banned for the act of reposting the banished article with the expression “don’t quote this unless you want to be banned”. While many Christians and conservatives sympathized, a large number condemned the Babylon Bee for daring to make fun of someone “struggling in their sin”; the aforementioned Mr. Levine.

Four Tales of Outrage

In 2016, a famous businessman named Donald Trump ran for presidency and won. Many conservatives and Christians were outraged because of his past actions, from marital unfaithfulness to crass language to aggressive (though not violent) behavior, to lust.

In 2020, officers arrested George Floyd, a repeat criminal who had violently attacked multiple people and who had just taken a lethal dose of fentanyl. In order to restrain this enormous man, officers employed a technique by which they kneeled on his shoulders. Video clips made it appear that the man had his neck compressed and national fury ensued. Despite medical examinations finding no link between the restraint and Floyd’s subsequent death from overdose, Christians and many conservatives were outraged and pledged solidarity with a Marxist organization called BLM.

In 2021, a handful of American citizens were allowed into the Congress building and peacefully walked, single-file, past police officers in order to stand around in the halls. Congress fled in order to make a photo op out of their cowardice and a couple of very strange men in bizarre costumes walked into an empty hall, one of them stealing a podium. Despite the only murder being of an unarmed protestor shot at a distance, many Christians and conservatives were outraged by these events, concurring with national news media that they represented a “coup” and an “insurrection” and “violence”.

In early 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine under the leadership of Vladmir Putin. The whole world came out and condemned violence against civilians in Ukraine. However, despite the situation being a world away, complex, and a spiderweb of contradictory information, many Christians and conservatives were outraged by Putin’s invasion as a whole.

The Great Contradiction

My point here is not to talk about any of the topics mentioned above directly. Rather, my point is to raise an important contradiction. To summarize at the start, I think American Christians – in thrall to radical feminism and the spirit of the age – are comfortable expressing outrage and mocking masculine sins, but recoil with horror if anyone among them expresses even slight disagreement or pokes fun at feminine sins.

This metric of deciding which sins can be opposed with outrage, mockery, and even violence is not based on Scripture, or the response would be perfectly inverted. Cross-dressing and same-sex sexual practice were capital crimes in the Old Testament and in much of Christendom, yet in the modern Christian West, to even make a joke about either one is considered a sin. To do so “cuts people struggling with sin off from the Gospel”. It “drives them away from God”, and “we all struggle with sin”. Such thinking suddenly vanishes when the subject is Derek Chauvin, Donald Trump, Vladmir Putin, or a man dressed as a druid. In those cases, there’s not a word about driving these men away from God with harsh condemnation and mockery. They deserve it, the scum.

Love of Ease

If a Christian is clear and succinct in their condemnation, it’s a sin that’s convenient to hate. It’s convenient to hate violence and racism and greed, so Christians usually express their hatred of those things quickly and clearly. No hesitation. No grace. Often no attempt to determine if an accusation is even true. Using a racial slur means you deserve to eat dirt the rest of your life – and you won’t even get that if you don’t grovel until you die.

If a Christian refuses to give a straight answer or is overly cautious and careful and overlong, it’s not convenient to hate. It’s not convenient to hate cross-dressing or same-sex acts, so Christians – if they express anything at all – usually refer to such things in terms of disagreement. There’s no condemnation at all. Only knock-off grace that’s really approval. They’ll even treat what they deem an insufficiently gracious response as worse than the sin itself.

Christians deal with the easy and convenient things, and so leave the important and difficult things growing like cancer. They’ll strike back at some evils without hesitation and others they’ll defend with the same fervor. And yet, this is exactly the behavior of the most radical commies and lunatics running our aristocracy. It’s little wonder when Christians behave identically to the world that hates them that they have no power.