All sin separates us from God, but not all sin is equal. Scripture makes this clear in numerous places, nowhere more clearly than in vastly different consequences for sinful behavior in the Old Testament. This trend continues into the New Testament, where Paul commands churches to expel sexually immoral people.

However, in the dying liberal era of the West, there seems to be a different sort of ranking scheme for sin. Lets grab a few things and try to rank them:

  • Ethnic hatred
  • Same-sex sexual acts
  • Adultery/sex outside of marriage
  • Mocking sinful behavior
  • A man slapping his wife
  • A wife slapping her husband
  • Abortion

First, from Scripture, we can rank these like this, with sin getting more severe as we go:

  1. Mocking sinful behavior – not always sin
  2. A man slapping his wife/wife slapping her husband – not always sin
  3. Ethnic hatred – Jesus called hate a form of murder, severe
  4. Adultery/sex outside of marriage – sin within the body, severe
  5. Same-sex sexual acts – crime against nature; so abominable and shameful it is part of its own punishment; worthy of total destruction of the culture which engages in it
  6. Abortion – child sacrifice; worthy of total destruction of the culture which engages in it

The modern take is quite a bit different:

  1. Abortion – unfortunate, but don’t be mean to the people who get it
  2. Same-sex sexual acts – not a big deal
  3. Adultery/sex outside of marriage – not a big deal
  4. A woman slapping her husband – not a big deal
  5. A man slapping his wife – spousal abuse; the man should be cancelled
  6. Mocking sinful behavior – cruel, un-christlike, worthy of expulsion from churches
  7. Ethnic hatred – the ultimate, most ubiquitous of all sins; pure evil

The ranking of the sins is almost perfectly inverted from the truth. When I use the term “moral inversion”, this is what I mean. We get everything almost perfectly backwards. For sins we should treat severely, we actually treat severity itself as a sin. For things which aren’t even sins, we treat them as harshly as possible.

In one sense, sexual depravity is a “sacred” sin in the West today, since we treat it like it’s untouchable. But that’s really a result of not taking it to be a sin at all. The truly sacred sin today is ethnic hatred, which is clumsily called “racism” by most.

This sin is considered ubiquitous, the pinnacle of evil, and yet somehow a sin we can purge from human nature. We’re told by grifters that we need to repent of our ethnic animosity toward people who don’t look like us even if we don’t hold any animus at all. We’re then told that this sin is the ultimate evil; it’s the “stain” on American history (not abortion, mind you, which legally took the lives of 70,000,000 innocent human beings). And last, we’re told that this sin must be utterly purged from human nature. Ethnic tensions must be totally annihilated.

That’s not because this is Biblical or possible. It’s because the religion in the West today isn’t Christianity, but stupid DIE (diversity, equity, inclusion). It’s the last, idiotic gasp of the Enlightenment and the false view of man as a blank slate, totally perfectible, and naturally good. It sees diversity as strength (which in ethnic terms is always false), equity as real (which is also false), and inclusion as the ultimate aim (which is stupid). Anything that attacks these cardinal virtues, which replace the true virtues of faith, hope, and love, is a sin, and nothing is like ethnic hatred (except, perhaps, hatred of sexual depravity).

The way many Christians speak of ethnic hatred, in particular that we can cure it from human nature, is a sign that this sign, above all others, is sacred. People need it to build their crusades against.