I’ve worked for large companies for most of my career. You begin to see patterns whenever you spend a lot of time somewhere, and in the corporate world, that pattern has been a gradual change in focus. The midwit level of company bureaucracy is always chasing fads, but these fads have gone from promising to bring more productive work to more “social change”. The latest incarnation is the full adoption of the Woke DIE creed – diversity, inclusion, and equity. These unholy anti-virtues are chanted so frequently they become filler words, replacing “uhm” and “like”, and they weren’t exactly filled with meaning to begin with.

With all of that in mind, I want to suggest that one of the many reasons for this latest fad getting such a grip on the corporate world is that it helps cover for stupidity, incompetence, and mediocrity. I’ve spent hours sitting in meetings where nothing of substance was said. Aside from being incredibly boring, these sessions are insulting; the people pretending to be leaders have no accomplishments, do no actual work, and are actively killing the host company and hurting real workers. They don’t even have the self-awareness to understand it.

The Woke cult uses threats of violence and punishment to avoid criticism, meaning stupid and incompetent people have immunity while anyone interested in the health of the company (even just for the sake of making a living) has little incentive to fight. You have a system that rewards stupid and irrelevant things, rewards empty rhetoric and incompetence, and punishes the very types of things that built the company in the first place.

The problem is self-correcting in a way, since companies that do this can’t compete, their proposals fail, and their sales decline. It hurts a lot of people along the way, but since the system in place is defended like a stronghold from any meaningful attack, I recommend that employees at these companies find side hustles rather than hoping things will turn around.