There’s a lot to commend Gab for. I’m glad they have no censorship and they let people speak their minds.

This sort of last refuge for unacceptable thought, however, has the sort of effect that a drainage ditch does; it collects fresh water but also runoff and more than a little sewage. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for censorship here. I actually appreciate the transparency.

One thing I’ve found on the site that’s been a bit disturbing is the predictable overreaction to cowardly churchianity in the United States. For decades, Christians and conservatives have fought a battle of constant defeat, giving up ground at every opportunity.

Some Christians (Doug Wilson comes to mind, but he’s hardly alone) are pushing back and making a good effort at building Christian culture. I’ve appreciated the warnings of orthodox Lutherans against mixing law and Gospel, as this concept was what originally triggered the chaos of the reformation and the bloody wars that followed, but I think they go a little too far in separating public and private life, leading to a sort of antinomianism. Still, I appreciate those warnings because I’ve seen many manifestations of the very dangers they warn about.

Combining these two thoughts, we have this from Gab. I offer no further comment beyond this: Christians, don’t take a bad situation and find a way to make it even worse in the other direction to compensate.