Last time I listed some of the common weaknesses I see in the pro-life camp. But to be clear, those people are on the right team, even if sometimes misguided or in error. They despise the murder of innocent children.

There is another kind of person who claims to be pro-life but really hates God and babies. They are as guilty of the slaughter of the unborn as the baby-murderers themselves, and possibly more dangerous since they pull gullible, easily manipulated people away from good work and toward apathy.

Today I present an example of one such man I discovered on Facebook named Chad Thibodeaux.

I’ll post what he wrote as a quote below. It’s long, but worth reading. I’ll explain why afterwards. Note that, in keeping with the rules of the blog, I’ll be replacing the word “abortion” with “baby murder”. This not only is more accurate, it’s also far more revealing. I’ll put brackets in place. I’m also putting numbers in this quote because I’ll reference a few things directly later. they’ll be in parentheses.

I wish I was still a pastor.

A headline on one of my Facebook friends’ posts yesterday was “Today’s Supreme Court decision was a MAJOR win for God.”

A win for God?

I immediately thought, does he think our God is so feeble that he needs a panel of nine men and women to affirm him and bestow favor on him?

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of [baby murder], yesterday’s decision has proven to be a terrible day for God and His church. Why? Because so many of the people that make up His church are deciding to act anything but Christlike.

Scripture says, “They will know you are my disciples by your love.” By your love. Not your memes, not your posturing, not your gloating, not your politics, but by your love.

On the day the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, so many in the church began waiving victory flags for Jesus, while the enemy was using your actions to turn more and more people off to God (2).

This wasn’t a win for the church.

In fact, I believe history will show that this decision was a tipping point for the downfall of church (1) attendance and effectiveness. No one on the opposite side of the decision felt the love, compassion, and ministry of Jesus yesterday. No one.

Let me be blunt.

If you are a Christian who believes in a God who will condemn people to hell for not believing in Him and you’re choosing to spew hate and vile towards people you disagree with, then you, my friend, have more blood on your hands than any person who chose to [murder babies] (3).

It’s time for the separation of church and hate.

The church is the richest organization in the world. We have more money than Apple, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk. If we really cared about babies, we could do something about it. (4)

I am hoping when I attend church on Sunday there is a line around the corner for the church to volunteer to adopt and foster. That’s what you do when you really care about babies. (4)

I hope there are special offerings taken on Sunday to raise money for diapers, formula, babysitting, and therapy, because that’s what you do when you really care about babies. (4)

I hope every church that offers preschool will now do so at no charge, because that’s what you do when you really care about babies. (4)

Where is the love and compassion for women?

Where is the Christ-like behavior?

Where is the empathetic understanding that this decision, even if you agree with it, has placed real fear in the hearts of so many?

Church, remember why you exist. It’s not so you can consistently get your way politically. It’s so you can introduce people to a God who loves and cares for them. It’s time to confuse people on where you stand politically and give them the unconditional grace that God gave to you.

You only have ONE LIFE. You might as well MAKE IT COUNT.

There’s no intrinsic value in this post. It’s like the liquid at the bottom of a dumpster. Still, I suggested that you read through it because it contains so many of the fallacies of not just the pseudo-pro-lifer, but of antinomianism (hatred for God’s law) and pietism (private, weak faith).

First, he misquotes Scripture when he quotes it at all. “They will know you are my disciples by your love” is incomplete. It’s “love for one another”. As in, fellow believers. They are to be the primary subject of your compassionate giving of time and resources. A helpful study on this is to read all of the passages in the New Testament usually used to encourage giving, and see how many don’t include a reference to Christians in particular. You may be surprised.

This former pastor doesn’t seem to know the Scriptures very well. As a second major error, he completely contradicts explicit commands in Scripture. God commands us to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength”. God commanded us from the beginning to “take dominion” over the whole earth and to “be fruitful and multiply”. Jesus commanded His disciples to in turn “make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey all that I [Jesus] have commanded you”.

The former pastor above doesn’t like any of this. He rages against it. He has something else in mind. “Separation of church and state”. “Your faith is private, keep it to yourself”. And “Be nice”.

This is a guy who, presumably, believes baby murder takes innocent human life but thinks the *real* harsh criticism ought to be reserved for Christians who simply celebrate the overturning of a bad law that made it universally legal. “Straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel” comes to mind, except this is worse, because there isn’t even a gnat.

Proverbs 21:15 says “When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers”. Does this guy look like he’s joyous that justice has been done? I don’t see joy. I see something much closer to terror. He’s outraged and distraught that evil has failed. Whose side is he on, do you think?

If Christianity is true, standing in the way of Christ transforming minds, which leads to transformed families, then communities, then nations is to literally stand against Christ. We should use all resources and transform all nations and institutions, so far as we can. If the Gospel really transforms lives, what else would we expect?

This is a guy who stands against Christ and claims it makes him virtuous to do so. He wants faith private. He wants you to shut the hell up about politics because it makes evil people who murder babies feel bad, and you making them feel bad is far worse than murdering babies. In short, his moral order is perfectly inverted.

This is a man who believes the end of nationally mandated abortion is also the end of the church in America. He literally says this (1). This is a man who believes it’s bad to be joyful when evil laws get overturned. He literally says this (2). This is a man who believes it is a greater sin to celebrate the retreat of evil than to murder babies. He literally says this (3). This is a man who thinks you cannot oppose baby murder unless you are also willing to pay for every service every child will ever need. He literally says this (4).

I praise God he no longer misleads congregations. He turned off comments because he’s only bold so long as there’s no pushback. If you have no virtue, you’re not going to have the courage of your convictions either. Still, I hope this post stays up for a long time. It’s an excellent example of the fake pro-lifer. It’s also an example of something more generic, the Christian Loser*.

The real danger of someone like this is that his pietistic language and calls for action are effective on people who think that because they feel beaten down when convicted, that every time they are beaten down it must mean they are being convicted. There’s a lot of Christians like that, and we need to repudiate this as nothing less than a formal logical fallacy.

Michael Foster has the right attitude with all of this. Go out and celebrate, and mock those men who mourn when evil loses.

*I may dedicate a post to fleshing this sort of person out, but in short, it’s someone who claims that Christianity is all about losing every battle and that this will somehow be more attractive than triumphing over evil and building something good, true, and beautiful. The Christian Loser might really believe that being a loser is good, or he may fear men more than God, or he may be an agent of the enemy. We see the same spirit behind in the Christian Loser in the ten spies who returned to Moses and told him not to take the promised land.