Suppose a few families move from their comfortable suburban homes and into unsettled lands to build a new town. They succeed and attract a few more like-minded people. No big businesses or international organizations or even major highways figure into their village, and so it grows without too much outside influence.

Over hundreds of years, what would we expect? Some people will come, some will go, but you’ll eventually get a sort of homogeneity. People will be similar to each other. Their manners, even their looks. You’ll have diversity of talent, of interest, of strength and weakness, and of personality, to be sure. But you won’t have the kind of “diversity” that the DIE cult demands; the external forms.

The above scenario is on the extreme end, as people generally don’t leave in groups to go found new towns out of American suburbs these days. But this happens on a lesser scale everywhere all the time. As families grow and mix, and towns grow, the residents develop a particular character. This happens even at the national level. A century ago, it would have been easy to identify a Pole, a German, a Frenchman, and an Englishman. It would have been easy to identify a man born in Egypt and a man born in Sweden.

Not so today. The false god of diverse external characteristics despises unique local and national identity. It gets in the way of international money and power. Better to have everyone around the world buy your product or take your orders than some people who sympathize while being opposed by others. At least, better if you are the one selling things and ordering people around.

The liberal order can have national flavors too; it did for centuries before the 20th. But today, it’s character is largely international. That’s one reason for the push for “diversity”.

This means, however, that the natural order of things – the order that God designed and called good – is an object of wrath for the modern liberal. They despise local communities that act alike and look alike. They despise local ties and customs, and they really despise people who call these things “good”. What they want, and what they actively produce through cultural immigration, is chaos. They want a world with zero local ties and children who abandon their parents the moment they can work on their own.

Don’t treat these people like political rivals who can be argued against. They are far more like foreign invaders, but instead of trying to settle your land and rule your cities, they just want to burn it all to ash.