I try to keep the “tone” on this blog mild, and I think that’s reasonable when talking about most of the subjects I address. Save one.

One of the ways American Christians fail to love their unborn neighbors is by adopting the “pastoral tone” when dealing with baby murder. I’ve seen this done by pastors and church leaders in all denominations and of all sizes. “You just don’t understand how to interact with women who go through [baby murder]”, they’ll say. “We understand. They need compassion.”

The image on this post is what happens during a legal baby murder session in the United States for babies who are 16 weeks old.

If our response is anything but barely contained raged; if our response is anything less than prophetic, calling for God’s wrath on those who engage in this, then we hate the unborn.

This is straight from hell.

There can be repentance and forgiveness. No one is beyond that. But it’s the same kind of repentance and forgiveness that’s offered to inmates on death row who have butchered children alive. Until we start loving the unborn like we love the born, we are in sin.