Neil Shenvi, for those who haven’t heard the name, has done a lot of work building a case against critical theory, a wicked doctrine of demons that has helped give us everything from critical race theory, to the DIE cult, and more. Below is a video summarizing his main points. I won’t expect anyone to watch the full video, but there is a lot of good in it:

There is, unfortunately, also quite a bit of bad advice. After making the strong case that critical theory is explicitly anti-rational, Mr. Shenvi goes on to argue against the wickedness of racial hatred and to summarize the worst crimes committed as a result of it in American history. He does this, as he says, so that Christians can understand why someone might adopt critical race theory and be able to better dialogue with them.

This is a contradiction. You might win a straggler here and there to your side by dialogue, but anyone who really understands and embraces the insanity of critical theory is as committed to the irrational disregard of your disagreement as he is to his own positions. You are dealing with an intellectual warrior who will give no ground and try to negotiate. You’ve already lost. You either fail to negotiate and lose or you give up ground and lose.

Critical theory is simply the intellectual arm of the revolution against God and nature begun in the enlightenment and manifested in the revolutionary chaos of the following centuries. It is a warrior religion, and it’s encountering misguided Christians who think Christianity is a pacifist religion. Much like the “dialogue” with Muslims has resulted in virtually no conversions while David Wood’s sarcastic and aggressive work has resulted in many conversions, the real response Christians should offer critical theory is a shield wall bristling with spear tips. You owe them no debate. They are not here to reason with you, they are here to destroy you. Act accordingly.

We don’t like that, though, do we? We’re a soft, effeminate, girly people. The idea of aggression, of fighting – even if not physical – is something we can’t stomach. How can people see our love if we are mean?

The real question is: how can people see your love if you won’t defend the weak and innocent against the wolves? A shepherd defends the flock. He is aggressive with the wolves and gentle with the sheep. If you get that backwards, you aren’t a shepherd.