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The Law of Disney

Introduction American Christians, and probably Western Christians in general, have one of two misunderstandings of the law given in the Old Testament. The first is to imagine that we are still bound to the law. This error is uncommon, but the temptation to be bound to a law is not, as we will soon see. […]

Slavery Month

On Memorial Day we remember the sacrifice of a million men who died to protect our liberty; liberty that once meant the freedom to do what is *right* without restraint. That’s what *rights* were understood to be for centuries. In June, our corporate and government overlords compel us to support the official cult of America: […]

The End of Liberalism

Several months back I began following James Lindsay, author of Cynical Theories, on Twitter. He is a liberal who strongly opposes Marxism and its branches, and he has put together a strong case not just against the evil philosophies of postmodernism and critical theory, but of their corruption of science – particularly the soft sciences […]

The Twitter Abyss

I have spent considerably more time on Twitter than I ever intended to, mostly for the sake of the many eminently reasonable, good and decent people who, unfortunately, only use that particular platform to speak. It seems those days have ended. On a thread regarding a drag queen bragging about his performance being useful to […]

There Is No Neutral

An excellent thread from the master of Lutheran Satire. His follow-up is also good. There will always be an unwritten constitution that supersedes any written law, no matter how much people claim to venerate it. This unwritten constitution is the dominant philosophy of the people. While it can be forced to change, it takes time. […]

The Madness of Whirlpools

When I was a kid, my parents had a round, three-foot-deep pool in the backyard. We played a lot of games in that pool, but a recurring classic was to make a whirlpool. Water doesn’t spontaneously circle around. You need a drain, or you need some force applied around the outside edge. Five young boys […]

The Sexual Deviancy Cult

The problem with the church’s approach to sexual sin isn’t that we are too hard on it. I know from my own failings that being hard on sin is not really something the church does in general. The problem is we are so soft that no one is held accountable. And then things like this […]


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