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The Madness of Whirlpools

When I was a kid, my parents had a round, three-foot-deep pool in the backyard. We played a lot of games in that pool, but a recurring classic was to make a whirlpool. Water doesn’t spontaneously circle around. You need a drain, or you need some force applied around the outside edge. Five young boys […]

The Sexual Deviancy Cult

The problem with the church’s approach to sexual sin isn’t that we are too hard on it. I know from my own failings that being hard on sin is not really something the church does in general. The problem is we are so soft that no one is held accountable. And then things like this […]

Making Excuses for God

Many conservative Christian churches have men as elders because the Bible tells them to, and that’s good. Christians should do what the Bible tells them to. Many conservative Christian churches also promote families to some degree, which is also good, as Scripture records a command given to mankind to be fruitful and multiply. I’ve seen […]

Trust Issues

Introduction “Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear”. Thus spoke my grandfather some twenty five years ago when we were watching the news, one of his favorite pastimes. He was an avid fan of Rush Limbaugh. This was during the early years of Rush’s show. It was the first time […]

Covid as Religion

Men are made for worship. We are designed to worship God, but when we abandon God, as America has, we find vastly inferior substitutes. This year, a new religion formed. Or, more accurately, a new heresy developed. In the West, since the advent of Christ, all false religions have been perversions of Christianity, and they […]

A Few Lessons from 2020

I am not a Calvinist, but I think one of the appeals of Reformed theology is that it is ready at any moment to look at the world as it exists and say that God not only permits what is happening, but is actively causing it for His ends. As I am not a Calvinist […]

Why Conservatives Lose

I spent my college years spying on the enemy. It wasn’t on purpose; that was just how it worked out. “Enemy” is a bit too strong of a term, maybe, but I was a conservative* Christian surrounded by liberals, and I was focused on graduating with a meaningful degree to go earn money and build […]

Christian Liberty and Masks

The most common analysis of liberty I have heard in Christian churches and magazines reduces the concept to a slogan used by rednecks who want their guns, beer, and rebel flags. Unfortunately for the well-groomed Christian leaders who perform such reductions, those aren’t negative traits to begin with, and even if they were, the critique […]


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