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Loser Christianity

Wintery Knight has a great post excoriating The Gospel Coalition for their stupid advice during the 2016 election. This is a great example, I think, of Loser Christianity. In a previous post, I indicated that I might write something longer on the “Loser Christian” and here it is. By “Loser Christianity”, I don’t mean Christians […]

The Fake Pro-Lifer

Last time I listed some of the common weaknesses I see in the pro-life camp. But to be clear, those people are on the right team, even if sometimes misguided or in error. They despise the murder of innocent children. There is another kind of person who claims to be pro-life but really hates God […]

Pro-Life Weakness

Praise God, Roe v Wade is dead. At a national level, this is a sort of repentance for 60 years of genocide*, but there is a lot of work to do. There are three major areas of weakness I’ve seen in the pro-life movement that will now come into play as we move to the […]

1950’s Dad

If you spend much time reading right-leaning content, you’ll eventually find advice for fathers on how they should raise their children. The Left has gone to truly insane lengths to raise the sense of self importance in young men and women such that they are no longer living in reality. Since a “conservative” in 2022 […]

One Last Example

I’ve given Gab users a hard time recently but I have one more example of the sort of anti-Christ behavior I see on the platform from purported Christians who seem to revel in hatred like the Left revels in perversity. Both seem to embrace jealousy like a virtue. Jesus said to love our enemies. It’s […]

The Pure Reactionary

The Left has done so much damage so quickly that many people find it hard to develop a coherent alternative worldview to oppose it. I think there’s an easy and obvious one (Christianity), but for those who oppose the Left but merely like the forms of European, Christian civilization without believing in Christ, there’s a […]

The Seedy Side

There’s a lot to commend Gab for. I’m glad they have no censorship and they let people speak their minds. This sort of last refuge for unacceptable thought, however, has the sort of effect that a drainage ditch does; it collects fresh water but also runoff and more than a little sewage. Don’t get me […]

Two Can Play That Game

My suspicion that maybe The Great Hysteria panic over coronavirus deaths was overblown started when I began to compare data from the coronavirus to previous years. Since the virus was new, I had to use something else in those comparisons, and influenza seemed like a reasonable substitute. Similar symptoms, method of spread, and other characteristics […]

The Myth of Neutral Institutions

This is worth watching. A few of my comments are below. There are a lot of good commentators on the Right who say things like this. I agree largely with the content of the video, but if you’re like me, you’ll find it unsatisfying. Not because of what it gets wrong, but because of what […]

What is Complementarianism?

Commenter Nicholas, on a post from a few weeks ago, asks a good question: I think this might be quite compelling if I were entirely clear on what, exactly, the contradictory philosophies are that you identify as “complementarianism” and “patriarchalism”. Just off the top of my head, I should have guessed that a complementarian was […]


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