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An Excellent Summary

From John C Wright: President Trump was investigated for what Hillary did, impeached for what Biden did, blamed for what China did, and now being attacked for mentioning what Hunter did.

Get it In Print

There are many reasons not to own a set of encyclopedias. They are expensive, bulky, and need updates every year. One feature they have which was not by design, but which we can be thankful for, is that they cannot be edited at a moment as if to change reality. For example, the Wikipedia article […]

They Asked Us to Remember the Poor

Universal Poverty Every Christian knows, or should know, that part of what it means to be a Christian on earth is to help those in material need. We’re to focus most of our efforts on our brothers and sisters in Christ: And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did […]

The End of Facebook

I mean the term “end” in the classical sense here, as I don’t think Facebook will go bankrupt and disappear anytime soon, much as I hope it does. The end of Facebook – the purpose for which it has existed for years – has been to sell personal information to companies. It likely began as […]

Essential New Book on the Great Hysteria

Matt Briggs, Douglas Axe, and Jay Richards teamed up to write what might be the definitive work on the Great Hysteria, and it’s available today: Buy a copy. Buy one for your pastor. Buy one for your most terrified friend.

What We Really Fear

The Banned Books podcast has been surveying CS Lewis for several weeks. Much of it has been frighteningly relevant to our current situation despite being composed decades ago, as if we needed more evidence that Lewis was a first-rate thinker. I have many theories competing with one another to explain the Great Hysteria of 2020. […]

Do masks work? Here’s the Data

Rational Ground has a new, interactive chart to examine the efficacy of masks in slowing cases. If masks work, we should see a correlation. You cannot have a causal connection without a correlative one. There is no correlation.


I’ve been following a number of people on Twitter during the Great Hysteria of 2020, and finally gave in and created an account for the blog. I intend to limit my use, but figure it’s easier than tracking a few dozen accounts by hand.

Slowly Returning to Normal

We have a politician admitting we were insane this spring for closing schools (though I’ll admit to secretly being very happy that public schools have given way to more private and home schooling situations). This is necessary but not sufficient to get back to normal. We need more politicians calling out the hysteria for what […]

Crimes Against Humanity

As complete an account of history’s greatest public policy blunder as can be spoken in under an hour. This is excellent and everyone should watch and share it as widely as they can.


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