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Reality Wins

Regardless of mask policies, lock downs, school closures, shaming, stay-at-home orders, or lack of any of those things, reality wins. In the end, it was always going to be the same old boring immunity that has kept humanity going through tens of thousands of epidemics since the Beginning. The University of Washington admits it: The […]

A Truly Historic Candidate

Joe Biden has selected the reprehensible Kamala Harris to be his running mate for the election in two and a half months. It’s probably worth noting that, should he win, we will have the first vice president in US history to have demanded a search of a journalist’s home for daring to expose the butchering […]

The Narrative Collapses in the UK

Daily death counts from the coronavirus have been propped up failing media companies this year, and so they probably won’t be too happy to discover this: The United Kingdom is considering ending its daily COVID-19 death tracker after experts from Oxford University found that the total was exaggerated. An investigation is likely to be launched into the […]

The Timing is Wrong

You can read the whole article here, and I do recommend it. Every Tuesday is another dose of sane analysis of this truly insane situation.

End Game

When trying to decide how to respond to some emergency, there are two categories of questions that need to be asked. First, how do we avoid serious problems right now? Second, what’s the ultimate goal? What’s the end game? When The Great Hysteria began in March, there was some understandable caution. The whole world was […]

Thoughts on Liberty

I found this short article/podcast full of aphorisms about freedom particularly good. I recommend listening to the whole thing. I’ll only add one: Fear is slavery; consider who spreads fear, and fight them. A few of my favorites from the post follow: When Mammon is the master, the people are slaves. When liberty is master, […]

Lower the Fear

One way to lower fear is with information that puts things into perspective. Another way, which is a bit counter-cultural in such an effeminate and “nice” age, is to mock fear-mongers. To this end, I discovered the term Branch Covidians this afternoon, and will now use the term to refer to anyone who spreads fear […]

Saturday Morning Memes (and Quotes) – August 8th, 2020

It’s Saturday morning, and you know what that means. True Evolution vs Naturalism Only some lives seem to matter American Values Communist logic A classic Socialism is the inverse of Christianity CNN supports terror Peaceful protestors I endorse this message ‘Murica Providence The optimal path to a room temperature IQ The Bee succeeds There’s always […]


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