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The Gods of the Copybook Headings

This poem by Kipling is worth reading. I’m tempted to say worth memorizing. AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all. […]

Fauci’s Fate

I originally thought Fauci deserved to be fired. Then banished. Then imprisoned. Now, I think he deserves to be tried for crimes against humanity, with capital punishment arranged for a guilty verdict. The only question is: if the victim is a demon rather than a man, is it really capital punishment?

Signs of Weakness

I have a hypothetical question, but it requires a little worldbuilding before it makes sense. You are in command of a great army assembled for conquest. Three months ago, you beat your enemies decisively. The day after this victory, you began the long and difficult siege of the first major city, the battle having been […]

Preventable Tragedy

Egalitarianism is not just a stupid ideology, it is a deadly one. It’s sad that a new mother died with her child in infancy. What’s worse is she died doing work God created men to do because men are more likely to succeed at it and survive in the face of the dangers it presents. […]

Pessimism is Self-fulfilling

It’s common among anti-leftists to be dour and depressed about every piece of news. If something bad happens, it’s inevitable. If something good happens, there’s an ulterior motive or the good thing will be eclipsed. The latest example of this I’ve seen is with the election fraud investigations occurring in the states that Biden won […]

The Grand Stupidity of Microaggressions

I spent some time this afternoon catching up on work emails, a task that usually involves the delete button and little else. Occasionally, I discover something that reminds me of the intellectual and moral dark age in which we live, and today was another of these occasions. CS Lewis once said that we ought not […]

A Thought on Virtue

There are people who are virtuous and there are people who are not and so cover themselves in symbols to mask their lack. Whenever I see a yard sign declaring “hate has no home here”, I am certain I will be overwhelmed with the owner’s hatred if I don’t hold to his rigid and unforgiving […]

The Law of Disney

Introduction American Christians, and probably Western Christians in general, have one of two misunderstandings of the law given in the Old Testament. The first is to imagine that we are still bound to the law. This error is uncommon, but the temptation to be bound to a law is not, as we will soon see. […]

Slavery Month

On Memorial Day we remember the sacrifice of a million men who died to protect our liberty; liberty that once meant the freedom to do what is *right* without restraint. That’s what *rights* were understood to be for centuries. In June, our corporate and government overlords compel us to support the official cult of America: […]

The End of Liberalism

Several months back I began following James Lindsay, author of Cynical Theories, on Twitter. He is a liberal who strongly opposes Marxism and its branches, and he has put together a strong case not just against the evil philosophies of postmodernism and critical theory, but of their corruption of science – particularly the soft sciences […]


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