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MAGA Redux

Trump is back with a bit less energy and none of the surprise. He announced his candidacy last week but it wasn’t quite as exciting as the 2016 equivalent. None of this is terribly controversial. That all comes later. I did not vote for Trump in 2016. Instead, I voted third party. Having not been […]

Christian Politics

Ask a church-attending Christian for his views on politics and you’ll likely get a bunch of political positions on specific topics, or opinions about candidates and upcoming or past elections. It’s very unlikely he’ll take this question as one pertaining to political theory, in part because it’s unlikely he has a political theory at all. […]

Making Our Magistrates Godly

I found a useful comment for fodder: Christ doesn’t command us to make anyone honor Him as king. No one is suggesting that. I’m convinced that among honest critics of some form of Christ-honoring government, the largest part of them disagree simply because they are approaching the issue from the wrong way. They are right […]

Governmental Obedience

A short one for today. As has been said previously on this blog, you can’t have a secular government because all law, all policy, all manner of enforcement, all principles of government are rooted in some worldview. If not Christianity, then another. Yet as Americans we have imbibed the idea that there is a natural […]

Bringing a Debate to a Knife Fight

Neil Shenvi, for those who haven’t heard the name, has done a lot of work building a case against critical theory, a wicked doctrine of demons that has helped give us everything from critical race theory, to the DIE cult, and more. Below is a video summarizing his main points. I won’t expect anyone to […]

The Harvest Next Door

Last night we got to witness The Red Wave That Never Happened. Like you’d expect, most of the attention was on the failure of candidates in particular elections, but under the surface was something a bit more consequential. “Culture is religion externalized” as Henry van Til put it. It may seem self-evident, and it’s confirmed […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of the American Evangelical Church

Our churches have problems. At least seven big ones, if you hadn’t already guessed. But before we get to those, we can’t forget that the early church had its problems, too. The epistles were written for often unfortunate reasons. The early church had to combat Gnosticism, apostasy, strange doctrines, sexual immorality, and more. Our own […]

The Two Conservatives

Twenty years ago I was a teenager living in a conservative town surrounded by conservative friends. We all went to church. We all listened to Limbaugh and Hannity and thought Colmes sounded like a fool. I, along with several very good friends, took a college-level government course and even competed at the state level in […]

Bible-Based vs Bible-Limited

A Christian living in the first century under Roman rule could read the letters of Paul and the other Apostles and get a pretty good idea of what he should do to live his life, interact with his government, and engage his culture. The New Testament, after all, was written during his lifetime. It’s possible […]

The Role of Women

Mike Winger is a fairly prolific maker of good YouTube videos covering theology and apologetics. I really like most of his stuff and I recommend his channel. In keeping with my custom, you know what’s coming next is going to be some critique, and I can’t disappoint. I recently learned he created a series on […]


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