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I’m a Christian and I blog about current events, philosophy, religion, politics, and history. “All truth is God’s truth”, so this list isn’t a limit on what might show up here. Among the specific passions I have at the moment are:

The End of the Age

I am no historian, despite my interest, and so I can only speak in generalities. I believe the enlightenment project of secular humanism, placing man at the center of the universe, is coming to its logical end: in chaos, then bloodshed and death. This is not to say every detail of the enlightenment is rotten to the core and need be destroyed so we can go back to the Reformation era. Physical science really has advanced (on the inertia of Christian civilization). And it isn’t as if every facet of the past three centuries has been the result of enlightenment thinking in every way; not everyone is totally consumed by that philosophy. Still, the age seems to be ending.

What comes next is not the same as what came before, nor should it be. But it should, like the Renaissance before it, look backwards for understanding. There is wisdom there that the average Western man has long been without.

I think the myth of secularism is dying, in particular. There is no such thing as a truly secular (that is, non-religious) society. Every detail of government organization has it’s foundation in some worldview. Many of the wonderful freedoms we take for granted – due process, the need for multiple witnesses, property rights – came to us most recently through English common law, but ultimately they come from Deuteronomy.

The world we build for our children and grandchildren will be one in which secularism and the liberal project increasingly appear to be an alternate religion: a death cult, really.

Christianity is the future. I think The Great Hysteria has helped make that more obvious to people.

The Great Hysteria

As of July, 2020, one of the most fascinating topics to me is the mass hysteria, overreaction, single-variable analysis, extreme risk aversion, and competitions in virtue that have occurred since the discovery of the coronavirus.

Though, thanks be to God, the tipping point of this hysteria has been reached in the United States and the pushback has begun, I think it is still an important subject. The West is weak and effeminate, valuing safety above all else. It is a dying civilization in many ways.

Feminization of the Church

I am also deeply concerned with what I view as the “feminization” of the church in the West. Feminism has altered Christianity here in profound ways, and so manly or masculine behaviors and attitudes are discouraged and sometimes condemned. This has led to weak leadership, soft attitudes, extreme risk aversion, and a desire for strong feelings over hard thinking. Bad theology follows.

Among other tells of this are:

  1. Treating women like spiritually superior beings.
  2. Mother’s Day spent honoring mothers and Father’s Day spent condemning men.
  3. Equating masculinity with love for sports.
  4. Dismissal of Paul’s commands that women ought not teach doctrine.
  5. Treating men like buffoons.
  6. Treating passive aggression as superior to direct confrontation.
  7. Focus on relationships to the exclusion of character, wisdom, and knowledge.

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