In the political world, the past four years have been a series of failed attempts to prove that the election of Donald Trump in 2016 was the result of foreign interference in our election processes.

While that all seems to have fizzled out since the hysteria over the coronavirus began during the Ides of March, it turns out that this year, election interference might be real. It just won’t be in support of Donald Trump.

From the highly recommended Sultan Knish blog put out by Daniel Greenfield is the story Foreign Companies are Interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election:

f you have Dove soap or Axe deodorant in your bathroom, Lipton tea or Breyers in your kitchen, you’re buying Unilever products. The huge British-Dutch multinational made $60 billion last year and is known for its leftist politics. But Unilever may have gone beyond virtue signaling to election interference.

Unilever is one of the biggest foreign companies to join the Facebook boycott by leftist pressure groups.

The boycott’s goal is to suppress conservative speech on social media, especially by President Trump, before a presidential election, by convincing advertisers to withhold ads from Facebook until it complies. While Facebook already censors conservatives, it isn’t enough to satisfy the radicals running the boycott.

The Trump administration has been considering new tariffs on European products from the UK, France, and Germany. The foreign firms joining the Facebook election interference boycott are primarily from these three countries. And, As Bloomberg noted, Diageo is one of the companies at risk if Trump strikes.

Honda had announced, “American Honda is withholding its advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We choose to stand with people united against hate and racism.” American Honda is just a subsidiary of the Japanese company. Its CEO, Shinji Aoyama, formerly headed the Asian Honda Motor Co.

The Japanese automaker has a direct financial stake in President Trump’s defeat.

A foreign oligarchy has intervened in the 2020 election. The security of our political system must be protected by taking on this foreign election interference by foreign companies, some of whom may hope to profit from President Trump’s defeat, by sanctioning them for their attack on our system.

Any Democrats, who have demanded action against foreign election interference, but block sanctions on those companies should be held accountable for their complicity in foreign election interference.

It’s fascinating to me that Democrats would spend four years desperately trying to pin non-existent foreign interference on their political opponents only to silently endorse genuine foreign interference when it benefits them. If you ever thought the Democrats cared about fair and free elections, this should be enough to convince you otherwise. If it isn’t, maybe the rampant fraud coming as a result of mass mail-in ballots will help.