I didn’t know much of Mike Adams’ work, but I regret it now. It seems liberal-turned-Christian-and-conservative Adams took his own life last week after an extreme amount of stress and a stark lack of support from those who ought to have been his natural allies in the face of genuine persecution.

I don’t have much to say about this that isn’t said better by Jennifer Roback Morse over at the Ruth Institute. Please read the whole thing.

My only addendum is to say that Adams stood for truth and when he did, he was attacked viciously by truly evil people. Unlike the cultural Left which will go to hellish extremes to defend any of their own against even the smallest critique, the cultural Right – and this includes most Christians – is strangely silent. We treat the silence like a badge of honor, as if we are somehow superior for our willingness to throw each other out to the wolves.

Mike Adams was thrown out to the wolves, and it’s the strongest indictment of the weak, soft, shallow religion that calls itself Christianity in America I’ve seen in a long time. Until American Christians stand for something other than ceding ground, I fear this is just the beginning.