Joe Biden has selected the reprehensible Kamala Harris to be his running mate for the election in two and a half months.

It’s probably worth noting that, should he win, we will have the first vice president in US history to have demanded a search of a journalist’s home for daring to expose the butchering and sale of unborn children.

This is from 2016, but, lest anyone forget, here it is again:

On Tuesday, agents from the Department of Justice under Harris served a search warrant on the Huntington Beach apartment of David Daleiden, an activist whose release of undercover video recordings last summer triggered that funding vote in Congress.

Property receipts left by state agents show they seized multiple computers and hard drives and materials from Planned Parenthood conferences Daleiden covertly attended. Receipts also show they seized California IDs issued to “Brianna Allen,” the name used by one of his accomplices, and a California driver license in the name of Robert Sarkis, the name used by Daleiden.

The director of a California-based advocacy law firm, the Life Legal Defense Foundation, accused Harris of “loyalty to Planned Parenthood” that “requires her to turn a blind eye to the organization’s criminal activities.”

“Instead, she has launched an inquisition into David Daleiden,” said Alexandra Snyder, the foundation’s director.

Another first; her own staff runs the approval system on Twitter:

On the plus side, she’s also the candidate who buried the MeToo nonsense.

I wish I could say that she would also be the first vice presidential candidate to desire child sacrifice, but we are several decades past that inauspicious development. God save America.