With many doctors, epidemiologists, and politicians continuing to spread fear nearly six months into The Great Hysteria, and with these same people acting like we are somehow capable of wiping illness from the world by our will, it is nice to know there are still some with more rational and less arrogant perspectives.

I think the true end game, regardless of human intervention, is that this virus will spread until herd immunity, and that herd immunity isn’t as high as the doomsday prophets have preached. Herd immunity (especially a strong variety that comes from having caught SARS 1) would explain the differences in the East against the West, and would also explain why the peaks in various states, regardless of how flat, always have an area under them of around 20% of the total population.

If only we could convince normal people that living in utter terror of what is likely just a new cold virus (in the long run) to stop. It’s not that simple, but one by one the hysteria needs to come to an end.