Maybe I’ll develop these further. Or maybe not…

You can never lie kindly. Lying is always unkind.

If someone says we must do an act to love our neighbor, then to fail to do the act is to sin. If it isn’t a sin to fail to do the act, it isn’t necessary to do it to love our neighbor.

In a time of virtue signaling, beware the ease by which legalism can manifest under the guise of “loving your neighbor”.

Doing an act because it appears loving when we know it’s meaningless is hypocrisy.

Scientists, especially influential scientists, have incentives to do other than tell the truth and the whole truth.

“Following the science” is not a neutral statement.

Identifying yourself by your strongest temptations is sin.

The true way to love a sinner is to call them to repent and answer their objections. Anything less is false love.

When the world is consumed by a particular sin, like sexual perversion, a Christian ought to stick out like a sore thumb.

Christ loves the world with perfect love and they killed him and hate him. Christian, don’t think the world’s tolerance of you is a reflection of your Christlikeness and love.

If Christ loves a woman perfectly, and He does, and she still rebels, and all people do, then it is foolish to think a husband can expect submission from his wife as a response to his love.

Be careful to watch which sins are treated with special, delicate care. They are probably the sacraments of the false religion of your time.

God is not safe, but He is Good. Beware making safety into an idol.

You can spend every day obsessed with safety, but you will still die.

Safety has a cost in life, just as recklessness does. Don’t spend more years of your life than you save.

If you were truly concerned about your health, you would be eating well and exercising.

You cannot love your neighbor if you are controlled by fear.

Don’t mistake icons of virtue with virtue.

Beware the idea that masculinity and femininity have nothing to do with your body. Gnosticism denies the importance of the body; Christianity affirms it.

Femininity is intrinsically tied to childbearing, child rearing, and home making. Masculinity is intrinsically tied to conquest, dominion, and physical strength. Our own bodies testify to it and God commanded it in the Garden; beware Gnosticism.

There is no “gift of singleness”. God said “it is not good for man to be alone”, and that was before the fall.

That we live in an age of self-worship is evidenced most by our hellish contempt for children.

Christ and His Apostles were persecuted. Don’t treat lack of persecution as a sign of godliness; be concerned by it.

Not all persecution involves torture and death. If you would consider it unjust for a black man to be denied a job because of his race, then it is also unjust to deny a man a job because he is faithful to Christ.

Racism is sinful, but it is not the worst sin. Sexual deviancy is worse.

Sexual sin is so vile, same-sex lust in particular, that Paul says it is its own punishment.

Obedience to Christ doesn’t earn you salvation, but if you are saved, you’ll learn to be obedient.

Churches which act as though all Christians are equally mature will probably end up with equally immature Christians.

Evil enters slowly with appeals to tolerance and kindness. When it gains power, it harasses good people with slander. Once it is dominant, it oppressed everyone. This is true of Islam, liberalism, and many other evils.

No matter how noble a man’s views may be on a thousand topics, if that man supports the brutal murder of unborn children, his ethics are hopelessly broken.

Christian liberty is sacred. It is an insult to our brothers and sisters who ran the race before us to have such a shallow view of liberty as we do today.

It is not Biblical to oppose hierarchies. God Himself is a hierarchy of Father, Son, and Spirit. Beware the Marxist lie that hierarchy is evil.

Marxism is an elaborate facade built on the sins of jealousy and envy to make them appear like virtues instead.

Americans, even Christians, are at risk of making the state into a substitute deity. Statism is a false religion.

There is no such thing as a truly secular government. All governments presume a worldview, and worldviews are religions.

Good government makes it easy to live morally good lives. Evil government makes it easy to live licentiously, damaging ourselves and our children, and putting us into bondage to the state to clean up the mess.

The Declaration of Independence is the justification used for the US and her government. The fundamental presumption of that document is that God ordained human nature a particular way. Any politician who denies God or human nature created by Him denies the very justification behind their rulership.

We have no obligation to obey evil governments when they command evil and arbitrary things. It takes a very shallow and isolated reading of Romans 13 to conclude otherwise.

Compare Mother’s Day and Father’s Day sermons at your local church and in Christian publications as a fun and profitable exercise.

If you want to help the poor, advocate for free markets. If you want to help an elite oligarchy, advocate for socialism.

Christians are required to engage in politics and culture for the simple fact that culture is the outward expression of belief and politics is what happens when that expression bumps into others doing the same thing.

Liberal politics and liberal theology share an adjective for a reason. Remember that liberal theology is contrasted with orthodoxy.