This is worth watching. A few of my comments are below.

There are a lot of good commentators on the Right who say things like this. I agree largely with the content of the video, but if you’re like me, you’ll find it unsatisfying. Not because of what it gets wrong, but because of what is left out.

Despite a great deal of time spent arguing against neutral institutions, the viewpoint taken by some of the “Dark Enlightenment” right is an attempt to see, from a neutral vantage point, the mechanisms of civilizational growth and decline. I think this is a mistake, because just as there are no neutral institutions, there are no neutral worldviews*.

Christianity is true, and that has profound implications here. It means we aren’t just watching these natural cycles occur. It means there isn’t just this growth and decay. There is growth, and there is decay, but there are other things, too. There are demons. There are angelic beings. There is good and evil, there is God’s providence, there is God’s mercy, there is spiritual power.

These things complicate the situation significantly, but again, there is no neutral worldview. Without God, without Jesus, what little knowledge we have of the Left acting as a wrecking ball against order is wasted on a world where it doesn’t matter. There’s no right or wrong, no hope, no meaning, no value, and the end is eternal death for matter and energy itself. The scaffolding of unyielding despair, as consistent atheists have described it.

I don’t know Auron MacIntyre’s religious beliefs, so I’m not commenting on him with any of this, but merely observing that as long as we try to understand humanity with a purely clinical, scientific, and physicalist method – even one that is respectful of religion and tradition – we will fail.

The Left really is entropy as a political force, and we really can’t build Utopia here on Earth. But there is more to battle this entropic force than self-interest, tradition, and mechanistic forces.

There is no Cthulu. But there is a loving Creator. There is hope. And Christ wins.

* While there is no neutral worldview, I deny the claim occasionally made by some Christians that there is no common ground. The fact is, if we really believe Christianity is true and God made human beings in His image, that there are things we can know from natural revelation that give us ample common ground. The Apostle Paul, for example, used this fact on Mars Hill.