Playing board games with friends has been a hobby of mine for many years. I was seven or eight when I begged my parents for Risk, imagining how great it would be to conquer the world with my friends.

Board games have gotten very good over the past two decades with rules, themes, components, and graphic design incomparably better to even the 1990’s. But it’s not all good.

Like many hobbies, board gaming attracts a lot of people who want to be left alone, and as we’ve learned the past couple of years, people who want to be left alone – when in large enough quantities – become appetizing hosts for woke, totalitarian parasites. Add to this that over nine in ten board gamers is a straight white man and you are bound to have trouble.

And so it was that the premier website for board games, Board Game Geek, went woke.

If you’ve ever wanted to see just how insane a woke moderation team can get, here’s the finest example I’ve ever seen. Unlike Twitter, which bans accounts, Board Game Geek will selective ban all naughty posts and preserve all hate-fueled, self-righteous woke vomit. This leads to threads that look like screeds into the abyss, which they basically are.

None of this is surprising to anyone who has followed this train wreck of a website, which had a 20-year old ban on political posts outside a dedicated forum and then violated the rule by going full out in support of BLM communists.

Good and decent people are leaving the website fairly regularly. I haven’t touched the website in a long time except to grab files; brief looks at the home page remind me why that’s the case. There’s certainly a market for a board game website that caters to normal people. I just hope the industry as a whole doesn’t continue down this path.